Modulated ElectroDynamic Induction Senior Design Spring 2014

MEDI- Final Senior Design Video from kun on Vimeo.

Project Description:

The Modulated Electrodynamic Induction (MEDI) system is a research project intended to expand the usefulness and utility of existing wireless power systems by incorporating data transmission capabilities. MEDI uses two highly coupled resonant coils to transmit power and data over a distance of less than one meter. To accomplish this project a system using Arduino microcontrollers connected to resonant coils and a custom circuit was designed and developed. Research was done into magnetic resonance, the effect that various coil parameters have on the power transfer, and different modulation techniques. The final product serves as a proof of concept and foundation for further research into wireless power and data transmission systems. The specifications of MEDI are ICNIRP compliant and were chosen by analyzing the needs of potential consumers as well as the objectives outlined by our mentor.

Team Members:

Adamandios Manoussakis (Team Leader)    Michael Alan  Alexander Rodriguez   Rolando Nieves   Shaun DeGroff


Stavros V. Georgakopoulos, Ph.D



Final Demonstration


Stavros V. Georgakopoulos, Ph.D. with team members


Final Demonstration


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